[LMB] Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 25 15:13:34 BST 2019

Today we have a big birthday cake for Marilyn Falk.

Marilyn, we hope that your birthday is as full of fun and love as
you wish and deserve. Big hugs to you!

And for your special day, you will be visiting Bharaputra laboratories
on Jackson's Whole. (Don't worry, you have total diplomatic
immunity from anything the Whole might throw at you. Enjoy it
in safety!)

You'll see the labs, and the exciting work they're doing (and despite
what you hear, there is actually some very good work being done:
cures and treatments, and exciting research.)

Plus, as a special birthday treat, you can have the body modifications
of your choice!  New knees? Hips? Nips and tucks and any changes you
like! Have you ever wanted to change your hair colour? Eye colour?
Fix any little problems? Be a different height? Just make a list, and the
busy docs at Bharaputra will make your dreams come true.

Or you might like some special pets: have you ever wanted a real unicorn?
Miniature dragon? Dinosaur? (Ok, you've probably seen Jurassic Park, you
might think twice on that one.) Pocket-sized elephant? Flying horse?
Just say the word, and it's all yours.

Have an enchanting, exciting and eventful birthday, Marilyn!

Bujold List Birthday: Marilyn Falk - 1956

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