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Fri Jul 26 13:15:24 BST 2019

=From: pouncer at aol.com

.....This method is famously known as "Alexander's Rag Time-Band."

Gwynne: That. Is. Evil. No, seriously, that is just so wrong!!!!! Hang
your head in SHAME.

With THAT out of my system for a little while,? why does the horse and
pedestrian courier opportunity fall mainly to Lakewalkers? The
rider with groundsense seems to be more valuable to the overall
society on malice hunts than in courier duty.? A flatboat, a
tea caravan, or just a manure wagon that -- as Gwynne says, --
RELIABLY? gets anyone's message between set points on a set
schedule would seem to be profit source.? Whit?? You busy?

Gwynne: I was thinking of Lakewalkers doing it partly because they
need the money, partly because it'd be a positive interaction with
farmers, and partly because they have a network of couriers riding
regularly from camp to camp, and so have the framework for the
We don't hear much about couriers, I'm wondering if they're the ones
who don't have wide enough groundsense to be much good as
patrollers, and don't have the skill to be makers. It's the perfect job for
someone who's young, fit, eager to do something useful, and not all
that gifted in their ground.
Boats do carry messages, but it's a fairly informal arrangement, without
much guarantee that they'll get it to the right person. And they are
limited by seasonal changes, etc. Lakewalkers ride all the time.

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