[LMB] What makes a character irredeemable?

Jennifer Walker jwlkr732 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 27 17:13:46 BST 2019

From: Pat Mathews 
> I think it was simpler than that, looking back. Like Joen of Jokona, Dondo would not let go. Martou, once dead went to the Father as I'm sure he expected ... probably primed to argue with the Father about the way that silly girl overturned all he, Martou, had done for Chalion, but  quite in keeping with his personality and expectations.
> Dondo wasn't about to let any God get between him and his "I wanna! Right now!"

Am I the only one who never thought Martou’s soul was taken up by the Father? I always thought that the death demon took both Dondo AND Martou back to the B*stard’s hell, as was required to satisfy the death magic. What was taken up by the Father was the Curse, pulled through Cazeril, who was then returned to his body by the Daughter. 

As far as Dondo’s irredeemability, he was ready to decapitate Caz in order to save his own cowardly skin. He was irredeemable long before we met him in the flesh. 


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