[LMB] Worldcon

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Sun Jul 28 09:58:12 BST 2019

I hope this conversation hasn't already been had, and I missed it. I haven't been keeping up with the list lately, though I did do a quick search on "Worldcon" and nothing came up newer than Jame's offer of accommodation, back in January.

So, how many listees are going to Worldcon in Dublin this year and is there any interest in organising a Mini LoisCon should there be enough of us? I am attending. If there is appetite for this then I guess sorting out a venue should be a priority as waiting till the last minute strikes me as a very bad idea. I don't know Dublin well and have no idea myself Im afraid. 

That said while not watching the list I to my horror missed the release of the new Penric. So Im off to spend the rest of Sunday morning reading that.


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