[LMB] What makes a character irredeemable?

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Because Dondo was too stubborn to go to the gods. Horseriver was also sundered, you realize. Same reason.
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I agree that Dondo's self-will would have prevented his being taken up even
if a god had been willing, much like Joen, whom the Bastard does offer
mercy to.

But, here's the thing - as readers, we're primed to view both those
destructions as suitable and proper.  The sundering and destruction of
Horseriver is clearly meant to be perceived as a tragedy, although he
probably did more damage than either Dondo or Joen.

So my question is:  how does LB cause us to view Dondo's destruction as
just and right?  Induce us to not shed tears at his destruction.  Because
it seems clear that's the authorial intent, and one that is very successful.
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