[LMB] It's a triple of birthdays!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 30 16:29:05 BST 2019

Three times the fun!

Today we celebrate the birthdays of Jeff Shultz, Franz Tomasek and Luke Bretscher!

Normally I'd do three separate posts, but then I thought... wow, three!

So of course, there's just one thing to do.

Yes, you'll each be given a ship to command, sleek couriers designed for speed. Not
comfort, true, but definitely speed.

And you'll be commanding those vessels for the inaugural Beta-Barrayar race.

Now, just going really really fast isn't the challenge. Along the way there's mercenary
fleets (we don't call them pirates), there's the odd Cetagandan fleet just floating
around innocently, there's slow trade scows and glittering liners, Komarran trade
fleets and Barrayaran military vessels like prowling sharks.

You'll have to thread your way through it all, racing each other and avoiding the
pitfalls of space travel.

And waiting for you on Barrayar is an epic birthday celebration; a huge banquet,
music, fun and fireworks.   First one home gets to cut the cake!

Have a wonderful birthday!

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