[LMB] What makes a character irredeemable?

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A thing that strikes me as a bit odd is that people in the 5GU
keep on praying to the Gods -- and in some cases thanking them for,
after the fact -- for things that the Gods utterly cannot influence.
And it's not like the temples are making a secret of that, AFAICT;
Ordol was pretty clear about what they can and can't do, and there
were services based on those limitations.  I can understand why the
temples don't push this *too* hard, since someone needs to pay for
maintaining the system, and the temples unquestionably have value in
people's lives and towards their afterlives.  But still.

Gwynne: People pray for comfort, to give them hope, and to feel that they
have some control or contribution over the situation. It also gives you a
social context, helps you fit in with those around you. And in the 5GU most
of society has strong Temple links. It's part of everyday life.

Even if it doesn't usually work... it just might. And it can't hurt.

Ordol may be pretty clear about it all, but I doubt that most of the people
read complex theological texts, especially in a world without effective
printing, and with limited literacy. They know what they're told, and the
stories they've heard.

Besides, in the 5GU the gods do answer, or at least show up, sometimes.
There are saints, and sorcerers. And saints aren't that uncommon; Cazaril
sees a couple of others in the capital; even a fairly small rural centre has
a saint of the Father. Hallana's temple has at least one. And quite a few
people in the novels and novellas are god-touched at some point. (Ok, yes,
that's WHY there's a book about them, but still...)

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