[LMB] Belief

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Wed Jul 31 20:16:04 BST 2019

Reading the Gwynne / Beatrice discussion with great interest.

I thought the _CoC_ contrast, mid-book, between Caz and Ista was

 Caz has never really applied his mind to theology, He saw no need. In
past practice and current intent, he tends to doze off in the back pew
while lessons are offered. He observes the funeral miracle but has
draws no great faith from it. He's as likely to ascribe the spark of
"first strike" in the 5GU version of springtime, Easter, ceremonies, to
a strong hand as to the power of the Goddess.  He doesn't DIS believe,
he just hasn't had reason to apply his reason to the customs of the

Ista has had direct -- invasive -- experience of transcendent powers. 
And when she tries to discuss those perceptions, she is counted as
mad. Caz in particular is careful to consider what tenor of sense might
lie within the vehicle of Ista's ravings -- and isn't ready to figure it out. 

That Ista is WIDELY considered mad strongly suggests that Caz's 
attitude toward theology is more common among the public  than, say, 
Umegat's.  Were "true believers" frequent visitors in Valenda, Ista's
conversations would be better attended, if not better understood. 

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