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I don't know why. However, I'm now thinking of the Rosamunde Pilcher novel _September_ with 3 women with names beginning with V.

I've  been thinking about Reed&Rush a bit lately.  They finally moved out right before harvest, in Legacy, to go about twenty miles north, to clear land and farm. Now, since they're callous fellows who don't listen too closely to what baby sisters and useless Lakewalkers say, will they encounter a malice? Will it take them both out? Or will one be left for a lifetime of knowing his ignorance of how to kill a malice contributed to his twin's death.
For more practical wondering, did they take all their due shares with them?  Are they close enough that they took what they needed for a start, and next spring, after planting, one can come back south to fetch what else they need and invite a crew up for a barn raising. He'd maybe bring with him some logs for the sawmill, and some of the results of their hunting/trapping for a bit of trading, Would they both have a team of plow horses, like Whit starts with or would they share one? If both have a team, might one be oxen? What other livestock would they take?  A pig or two? Some poultry and a goat?  At least one pig would go into the smokehouse when the weather turns cool. The birds will provide eggs & a start on a stash of feathers for pillows. A goat would provide milk.  If I could wait til spring, to bring home any milk cows and sheep, Id do it. that means they've got over winter to clear land for a pasture and hayfields. I wonder if they're gonna clear enough to split into two farms someday? They're due to keep busy awhile.
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Rush, Reed, & now Reeve--what's with brothers in the Sharing Knife universe whose names start with R being callous jerks?

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