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On Jun 2, 2019, at 9:13 AM, Marc Wilson <marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
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>> Pizza! Yea!
>> Make mine Anchovy, Pineapple, Artichoke, Capers, Ghost Peppers, with Parmesan Cheese in a deep dish Chicago style.
>> (Gorge would probably refuse that combination, as would starving dogs in a back alley in the caravanseri.)
> Ugh.  Thin and crispy every time. I don't like King Wenceslas pizza.

I prefer mine thin-medium crust— the bread should not eclipse the ingredients!

I don’t care for the KW style either. At a local family run/owned pizzeria, I have found that, as generous as their sauce & toppings are, doubling them makes an absolutely heavenly pie. While I don’t care for pork sausage, or American ham, I do like ‘Canadian bacon’ ska ‘back bacon’. Oh, and the wife of the couple has a sister of my given name. 

Fetal Arthur, 25 now, had it in utero, and it stuck to him, possibly influenced by A) our regular consumption once he could eat pizza, and B) because his pre-school was run by a niece & nephew of the founders, who occasionally ordered pizza, naturally from the nearby family shop.

Alas, since losing my car in 2016, and with neither of the car owners liking anything there, he and I seldom get there anymore. The one in Santa Clara—just over the city limits from San Jose—has been seeing us since we moved “over the hill” aka the Santa Cruz mountains, or over the plate boundary if you’re a tectonics geek—on June 21st 2004.

During WorldCon last year, Ancilla wanted pizza, but I nixed any of the places nearby in favor of a Lyft over to Tony&Alba’s. Went over quite well.

I really shouldn’t talk about food I can’t have easily enough, especially when it’s too hot for me to eat anything more than salad until the sun goes down, taking the worst heat with it.

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