[LMB] OT: Does the cat know?

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>>> The Gedankenexperiment posits that the cat is in a superposition of
>>> states, both alive and dead, until an observation is made which
>>> collapses the wavefunction.  In practice, the cat is an observer (and
>>> not a disinterested one!).
>> Thought/thinking-experiment?
> Just so - a term of art that's been absorbed into the English-speaking
> science world (perhaps due to Einstein).

The reason I know gedanken means thought or thinking is from the German song, Die Gedanken sint Frei, which I could sing (remembering the words in a language I didn’t speak) in my youth. I heard it in the TV movie, “The Birdmen”. Must have been Doug McClure that got my attention, but a slightly twisted comedy, set in the same timeframe, “Hogan’s Heroes” had just finished its run a few moths earlier. Its cast featured several Jewish actors, including one who had survived a concentration camp. There was even a black actor playing a Sergeant—advanced for the time, as he wasn’t in a menial role.

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