[LMB] Happy Birthday, Heather Ridolfi!

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Wed Jun 5 03:59:45 BST 2019

The theme of your trip is Escape To Escobar.  You are greeted at the spaceport by a younger Durona, who's eager to show you all the sights.  To the gleeful delight of your guide, you're treated to a tour of the Investigatif Federale.  It's a truly beautiful building; you can see why Simon Illyan admires it so much [aside from the whole not-being-designed-by-deranged-Dono-Vorrutyer thing, that is].  It has a fascinating history, & your guide is every bit as intrigued as you are.  Your companion's definitely enjoying a break from the lab.

After some leisurely sight-seeing, you spend the rest of your holiday in the Durona spa, where your enthusiastic hosts are willing to tell you more than you'd ever care to know about the various lotions, unguents, etc.  The widest selection of products to comfort, soothe, and stimulate await your delectation.  Your favorite music plays to relax you, and a wide variety of treats are sure to delight.  Although not made by Ma Kosti, maybe Lord Mark supplied some of her recipes; you're sure Professor Vorthys would approve.  Warm or cool, agreeable companionship or quiet solitude, as you prefer, are all yours.  

May your day be memorable in all the best ways!


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