[LMB] Question for the listmind

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 5 21:05:51 BST 2019

It's too quiet in here. We need something to talk about while we eat our pizza.

Right now I'm reading  The Goblin Emperor & so far, I like it. Not too long ago I reread Andre Norton's pair, Mark of the Cat & Year of the Rat.

These have me thinking, there are at least HUNDREDS of stories about the youngsters  who are bullied by parents/older siblings/guardian/whoever, and  if there's a parent around who doesn't actually bully, they don't notice it's going on, or try to stop it if they do notice.

So, after the journey & adventures, or the crash wiping out all other heirs, we have a new monarch. We want to start things off right, begin a new Golden Age, and so on. What do we do with any remaining bullies? do we really want to execute them & bury them in the compost pile or exile them forever to someplace far far away, to never return? Within the kingdom, there's send them off to someplace like Camp Permafrost for a good long time. to learn the error of their ways. That has mixed results.

Or ship them off to Ylla for a few years, to mellow. Its nice, but rather in the boondocks. it might be hard to start trouble out there.

Either place, they're out of the way. we don't have to see them every day.

and, sort of related, in TSK, Reed and Rush, eventually do leave to clear land for a new farm. They go off north about twenty miles just before harvest. I wonder what their chances are of needing rescue from a malice?

And are they close enough to take the minimum of livestock with them, while they get started, and one of them come back in the spring, with a load of logs, maybe, and to claim the rest of the animals from their due share.

They'll need a team for plowing, a late garden for starters,  and for dealing with the trees they cut down. Do they take horses or oxen? What else do they take. I'll vote for chickens and a goat for milk&eggs, and a pig to slaughter once it's cold enough. I'm sure they'll do some hunting&trapping for meat & pelts, when they're not cutting trees. They'll need a small cabin & shelter for the critters they have, for starters  Then whatever they clear over the winter can be used for a proper barn to be built in the spring after planting. I'm not a farmer, how much will they want to clear?  Space for cabin &barn, a garden, pasture, and fields for crops.

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