[LMB] OT: Victims and Victim groups

WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Fri Jun 7 14:15:49 BST 2019

This post may not be sent. There is a trend to designate groups as victims no matter the individual’s circumstances. That way the “victim” (quotes intentional) can claim all sorts of special privileges. They can force people to change language and the meaning of words. The latest is to attempt to ban the word owner as racist. Before that to ban the word violation in law school because it was too triggering. (BTW: The legal term violation has a specific meaning.)
Groups have asked for and received special conditions for testing because, as a member of a victim group, they were busy protesting an could not take the scheduled test.
Groups are told that anything bad that happens to them is not their fault but because they are oppressed. Other groups are told that nothing they do is an accomplishment because were “born on third base.”
For many people, victim hood has status.

Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
William A Wenrich

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