[LMB] OT: I been in the right place/But it must have been the wrong time

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The majority of this list is in the age group where we heard this in our youth.

A tangential reason for this mention is a connection with Scott Bakula, an actor whose previous major roles had been in two SF series, Quantum Leap (Dr. Sam Beckett) and Star Trek: Enterprise (Capt. Jonathan Archer). In 2014, the US TV series NCIS spun off a series, NCIS: New Orleans, in which he’s the Dwayne Pride, head of the (no, really?) New Orleans NCIS office. Lovely building the film in. 

Well, Dwayne Pride refurbished a bar bought after his divorce, the TruTone, where he occasionally plays piano. Not only is Pride musical, Bakula comes from a musical family. Occasionally in the last scenes of an episode, the team will be in the bar while music is being played, live at the time of filming. ISTR Sheryl Crow and band at a garden party in one episode, as well.

Here I am watching last segment of the season premiere of the second season. Team’s at the bar, snd the band starts up. My eyes bug out. It’s Dr. John. IIRC, he was singing the song mentioned in the subject header.

This amazing musician died just before dawn Thursday. While it wasn’t explicitly said, I believe he died in N’Awrlins, where he was born.


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