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People in metro areas also routinely underestimate how difficult it can be
to leave depressed rural areas.  I wanted very much to relocate, but I
didn't have the money, didn't know where to go, didn't know what to apply
for, and after a few years, found that I had "Damaged Goods" permanently
stamped on my forehead like the mark of Cain.

People say "Pound the pavement and you'll get a job!"  The problem is, jobs
are very tight around here---and after a hundred or so failed attempts, I
think even Pollyanna would be discouraged (and I have never been mistaken
for her.)   And people will not tell me what is wrong!  If I knew what was
wrong, I could at least try to change it, but all I get is "we found
someone we liked better."  I'm hard-working, diligent, on time every day if
at all possible, don't goof off, don't steal, don't backtalk my
employers...and I can't get a job to save my life!

People say "Well, I'd like to hire you but you're over-qualified."  Look,
geniuses, I know my own qualifications.  When I need a job, I need a job,
not a bunch of hypocritical babble about how this job isn't "good enough"
for me!  I'll be the judge of that, thank you very much!  And, yes, if I
get a better offer I might leave.  So WHAT?  I THOUGHT I was applying for a
job, not proposing marriage or offering to swear lifetime fealty!

Beatrice Otter:
It's probably some combination of "well, if they've been looking so long and nobody's hired them, there must be a REASON, even if they look good on paper" and "this person is TOO eager."  I've heard a couple of different HR people say that their company tries to screen out people who are too pushy or eager because they may require more supervision and feedback (i.e. manager time).  Plus, there are apparently a number of regions and industries where there are little etiquette things that people don't get taught unless they're already members of the "in" group somehow, so if you don't have the right connections to teach you the right etiquette, you won't get hired.  (It's a way of keeping out people not members of the Old Boy's Club without *looking* like that's what you're doing.)  Or it might be something completely different.

I dated a guy for a while who was brilliant at IT stuff.  He was the guy all the businesses in town hired to come and solve the problems that their own IT guys couldn't fix.  But none of them would hire them for their regular IT department because he just didn't "fit their corporate culture" or whatnot.  He's autistic, and a bit of an oddball.  Not a creep; perfectly nice man.  (Not the sort of "nice guy" who *thinks* he's nice but is actually a jerk, either.)  And even though he got paid more per hour as an outside consultant/contractor than he would as a regular IT guy, he just didn't get enough calls to be able to make it doing that, and he didn't have the general business skills to open up his own computer repair shop.  Eventually, he was able to get a job driving a forklift in a lumber yard, because they didn't care what his personality was like as long as he could do the work.  He was lucky; the unemployment rate for autistics is VERY high, not because we can't work but because few people will hire us.

Beatrice Otter

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