[LMB] Overqualified (was: Betan population control)

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 9 19:04:09 BST 2019

Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> wrote:
> People say "Well, I'd like to hire you but you're over-qualified."  Look,
> geniuses, I know my own qualifications.  When I need a job, I need a job,
> not a bunch of hypocritical babble about how this job isn't "good enough"
> for me!  I'll be the judge of that, thank you very much!  And, yes, if I
> get a better offer I might leave.  So WHAT?  I THOUGHT I was applying for a
> job, not proposing marriage or offering to swear lifetime fealty!

"Ah.  That one."  I've had a couple of short-term temp jobs where they
were presumably not worried about my irrelevant academic credentials.
But there was one "real" job where I went in for an interview and was
presented with a process problem that had stumped their research team.
I had some ideas about things to try.  It was a *tough* problem and in
the best case would have taken months to sort out.  I had some relevant
work experience.  I knew one of the guys on their team slightly, through
the S.C.A., and my reputation in that group was *golden* (still is, as
far as I know, though I haven't "played" much in the last few years):
I was one of the people who made sure that stuff Got Done, without fuss.
But I didn't hear back from them, and when I called a few weeks later,
was told that they'd decided I was overqualified.

I was thoroughly boggled, but what could I do?  A year-and-a-bit later I
learned that the company had gone bust.  I've occasionally wondered if
they might have survived if they'd hired me and gotten their process
working.  But as Aslan says, "No one is ever told what would have
happened, unless they are a Magician's nephew with a magic apple."

Oddly, Miles never seems to have had trouble finding menial labour.


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