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Mon Jun 10 03:40:49 BST 2019

On 6/9/2019 9:58 PM, Rebecca Price wrote:
> The kids are having various types of pizza while I'm having an egg roll
> bowl - but somehow, calling "egg roll bowl" on a topic doesn't have the
> sound that calling pizza does.

I can remember how our standard 'shrimp sin loi' got started ... it is 
all the ingredients for shrimp egg rolls done as a stir fry with a 
homemade duckish sauce [pineapple juice, brown sugar, lemon segments 
bashed into submission, comes out tasting quite nice as a thickened by 
tapioca starch sauce] We had bought egg roll wrappers without really 
inspecting them to discover after we had mixed up a big bowl of the 
filling that there was molding in the package. So we just turned it into 
stir fry. Sin loi is roughly tough sh*t in vietnam war era vietnamese 
slang. We wanted egg rolls, but tough sh*t, no wrappers =) But it was 
seriously tasty and we put it into rotation.

I have a liking for certain fruits and veggies and other produce, but I 
am reticent to purchase items that may have been imported from China - 
there is a serious condition caused by the wrong pine nuts from China, a 
permanent nerve damage that I do not want to risk so any recipe that 
calls for pine nuts I sub in slivered almonds. If I need a nut with the 
fat content of pine nuts, I go for macadamia nuts [there is a Roman dish 
called 'moretum' that is pounded hard cheese, herbs and pine nuts that 
is amazing with a good aged parmesan, macadamia nuts and fresh genovese 

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