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 Will agree that the best use of large lobsters is on salads or rolls; up to a point.
Many years ago, after a storm, we 'salvaged' a dozen or so lobsters from traps that had washed ashore on a southern Maine beach (south of Old Orchard, north of Nubble). One of the lobsters was a Methuselah - a HUGE 12+ pound monster (My Mother is still proud of it!).
The monster was boiled/steamed in the best tradition, but it was as tough as tire rubber - a 16 ounce hammer bounced back from a strike! (May have cooked it to long,,,)

That was a hard-chewing batch of Lobster Salad.

    On Monday, June 10, 2019, 11:09:45 PM CDT, Aruvqan <aruvqan at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Lobstah Rolls, Pizzer ...

If one is making lobster as bisque, salad or chopped bits for lobster 
rolls, you can go ahead and buy the huge tough ones [effectively the 
ones over 1.5 pounds tend to get tough] because you are processing the 
meat into shreds so toughness isn't an issue ...

And with pizza, I really prefer the really thin 'cracker' slightly 
overcooked but not burnt New Haven style, for some reason the thick 
crust and doughy pan piza doesn't appeal to me. I have tried a few 
different types of pizza crust that are non-wheat based, and all things 
considered that if I can't have a normal crust, I would prefer pizza dip 
which is the sauce and toppings without the crust, and dipping different 
veggies into it like celery sticks or jicama chips.

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