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On Jun 10, 2019, at 4:42 PM, Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org> wrote:
> Please everyone hold it in and write about pizza instead. Everyone likes pizza.

I have a friend whose digestive system can’t handle lactose, gluten, or anything edible in the nightshade family. Poor thing can’t handle soy lecithin, which is the emulsifier in most chocolate. If you’ve got a good sized Ashkenazi population, which considers soy as not Kosher for Passover, tou can get chocolate without it. Looking out for my former teacher, I of course pay attention to ingredients in brands I come across, and let her know when I reach my goal.

Most Thai food, on the other hand, is very happy-making for her. When I was with the dance troupe, and Rakkasah West at the Richmond City Auditorium, about which building I can say no good, and the festival itself is losing vendors and performers, and I won’t even discuss the food—the organizer’s own fault.

However, if the performance ended before 7pm, we would all go merrily to SaWaDee on San Pablo, on the way home, and anyone with most common food issues could easily find something to enjoy. With ten of us, at least two vegetarians, and occasionally a vegan, at least two vegetarian entrées and a vegetable side were ordered. Bill was split evenly among whatever number.

My belle-mère has so many foods that give her gut grief that the local Thai place sees her at least once a week. The order is always the same: signature (not vegetarian section, which adds veggies she doesn’t want) green curry, fried tofu, extra sauce, jasmine rice. The curry makes 3-4 meals for her, but she usually will need more rice for the last one(s).

If I order that, the bell peppers are left out. These days, for blood glucose control, I pass on the rice, and usually order tom kha chicken soup. I should ask if I could have fish (instead of prawns) in it. Their fish is just cooked in the center, not overcooked, dry, and tasteless. I’ll have my carbs at home.

As for my pizza, medium crust, double sauce pepperoni, and mushrooms. Definitely not Wenceslas style! 

At a restaurant at another festival, Celtic music instead of dance, in Sebastopol (Screamin’ Mimi’s ice cream & sorbets, using local produce in season & worth the price!) there is a restaurant in nearby Graton (where Ace Cider started) which offered a creamy polenta with goat cheese and pesto on top. It was heaven for me. 

Sometimes I’ll get it at the family owned pizza & pasta restaurant my son & I prefer. The wife, a daughter of the founding couple, has a sister named Marina, so it’s easy to remember me. They’ve watched Arthur from 10 to 25, and they know him well, too, having seen him grow.

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