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FWIW, I agree!!


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>For future reference, I do not consider myself honor-bound to abide by
>calls to pizza a topic when people put "parting shots" into the call.  If
>you don't want a topic discussed, fine.  If you want to make an argument,
>fine.  But you cannot demand that further discussion of the topic be
>stopped, and then make comments that people could not respond to or address
>if your request were honored.
>I would also note that, while it is a great advantage of Internet
>communications that situations which would be tense to the point of
>threatening violence can occur safely, some people will abuse this aspect
>of the medium by acting in ways they never would in real life - whether out
>of courtesy or merely fear-driven self-interest.
>Let's be genuinely considerate of each other, folks.
>Matt G.
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