[LMB] Penric reread

Lois Rasmussen LoisClare at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 12 03:57:12 BST 2019

Yeah, I recently did a re read of the series (all but one in hardback the last in e-form). I like the depiction of Penric, a good person whose daemon has had several very disciplined ladies before her She knows she is safe from her God while she is with Penric so I suspect she will defend him at all times. I expect she will help him live a long life.
I have enough trouble with me, myself, and I arguing in my head when trying to make decisions (why do I see all sides of an issue?) Having another 12 entities crowding my brain would NOT be pleasant. I will leave that affliction entirely to Penric. But a bit of uphill magic would be nice. 😉
Lois Rasmussen, Tasmania

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