[LMB] Happy Birthday, Gretchen Wright!

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Wed Jun 12 12:38:33 BST 2019

You're woken (far too) early by ill-suppressed "whispers" and giggles.  One warily open eye reveals a stack of heads peeking around your door.  Upon meeting your eye, quickly-muffled squeals ensue.  Cheerfully resigned, you accept your fate, and are swept away in the Vorkosigan tide [beware the undertow].

You've been called to consult on a matter of utmost gravity, a birthday celebration for Tsipis.  While a superlative teacher, he's not exactly eloquent on personal preferences, so your young hosts are somewhat baffled.  Fortunately, you are of the Professor Vorthys school of thought and introduce them to the delightful doctrine of All The Things.  It's just as well that Kosti Katering has you covered.  While everyone sets to work making decorations [with frequent pauses to run around and let off steam; joining in or not is your choice], quick consultation puts the culinary experts to work.  In spite of some unnecessary "assistance", work proceeds apace.

The day passes merrily, with much laughter, to-ing and fro-ing, and whispers and meaningful glances, telling of hidden surprises.  Although Tsipis had only been told he'd been invited to dinner, a carefully suppressed twinkle leads you to suspect he suspects something's up.  The endless flood of delightful desserts is a surprise to no one, except you.  Somehow, in spite of all your help, they've managed to add in your very favorite treats, with you none the wiser.  You are most satisfactorily croggled, to general hilarity.  As Gurgi [from Prydain] would say, mighty "crunchings and munchings" ensue, along with general smugness at all the surprises and treats.

The fireworks over the lake are the best you've ever seen, and you've got the best seat in the house [on the balcony, actually].  

May your day bring you all manner of delights!


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