[LMB] Dust (OT: WAS: Pizza)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Wed Jun 12 14:30:15 BST 2019

Walter wrote:

 > If from the beginning all is void,
 > where can the dust alight?!

Marina responded:

 > That's an awfully good question.
 > I assume it?s the dust of Creation,
 > possibly creation of the Universe.

One grain alights on another.

Voila! A yocto clump.

When another 998 have alighted we have a
zepto clump, and successively atto-,
fempto-, pico-, nano-, micro-, etc.

And before we know where we are we have
planets, stars and galaxies. Pretty
clumping good, as The Leewit would put it.

Of course with too enthusiastic accretion
we get black holes.

However if the first grain is dust, and
the second is anti-dust we get a burst
of radiation and no dust.

Fortunately for us (but unfortunately
for them) baryogenesis resulting from
an environmental catastrophe caused
by one of the quark-boson civilisations
which arose during the first few pico-
seconds after the Big Bang means that
there is insufficient antimatter in
the Universe for this to matter much.

James - who reads too much science & science fiction

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