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On Jun 11, 2019, at 7:57 PM, Lois Rasmussen <LoisClare at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  She knows she is safe from her God while she is with Penric so I suspect she will defend him at all times. I expect she will help him live a long life.

I think she likes him and the interface, as it were.

> Having another 12 entities crowding my brain would NOT be pleasant.

There is a young Canadian man who was on a music list a number of us were on. At some point around 2005, he asked three of us older women/longtime members about something going on in his mind. There seemed to be discrete and very different entities talking. He wanted to know whether any of us knew what was going on. All three of us were Pagan, we all had had some experience with depression, and I’m “mildly” bipolar. 

Unfortunately, I knew others like him, and had read a bit on dissociative identity disorder—and it was very like an ST:TNG episode (Mask, 7/17) where Data seems to be carrying about 12 personalities. When they left, he said his mind was rather lonely: those who’ve achieved inducing theirs to leave, or to be reabsorbed, have said the same thing.

It seems to stem from massive abuse, in childhood, the perp often using sex as a weapon, as well as physical and mental abuse.

Sad to have to tell him bad news, I told him nonetheless. He’s come to some accommodation with them, on his own, and shifts are subtle, thus allowing him to work well, and no-one suspecting anything.

He calls me Tante, so he’s sort of an adopted nephew. We have long chats on the phone about three times a year.

His flock are not as disciplined as Desdemona’s is, but there’s no abuse likely and centuries to acquire said discipline, something my neef (Dutch for nephew) will not have.

> I will leave that affliction entirely to Penric. But a bit of uphill magic would be nice. 😉

Same for me, on both counts.

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