[LMB] Clam Pie (OT: WAS: Pizza)

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Thu Jun 13 19:35:41 BST 2019

Sounds yummy! I left West Haven in 1948, so pizza was well after my time.
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On 6/12/2019 9:37 AM, James M. BRYANT G4CLF wrote:
> I had never heard of clam pie.

A pizzaria near a friends house in the Hartford area [Joey Garlic's]
make what my roomie has informed me is a quite excellent Fra' Diablo
pizza, some form of what would normally be put on pasta - shrimp, clams,
scallops and peppers in an olive oil, garlic, hot pepper stir fry. Can't
remember if it has cheese or not.

When we finally move to Nevada we plan on building a large beehive wood
oven and I plan on enjoying the hell out of making pizza at a proper
scortchinly hot temp =)

Speaking of which, going to be in Las Vegas and environs the week after
July 4th looking at a piece of property if there are any listees in that
edge of Nevada we might try for dinner? We want to definitely do the
$100 brunch buffet at Bally's on Sunday, but are reasonably flexible
[arriving the 5th and leaving the 11th] We are staying Sunday night
through Wednesday night in Dyer NV, and there is a local hot spring with
a soak built there that we plan  on indulging in.

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