[LMB] Would I want to be a Sorcerer?

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Thu Jun 13 19:38:13 BST 2019

Likewise, people who have had small children.

I don't want to be a sorceress. If I want to experience chaos, I'll just get all three of my grandsons together in the same room.
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Robert Woodward <robertaw at drizzle.com> wrote:
> No. I don?t want any additional chaos in my life.

I wonder if being allied with a chaos demon might allow one to control /
divert the chaos that accompanies a typical life?  Blowing up weeds,
say, instead of things occasionally breaking down around the house,
or fragile things being accidentally knocked off high locations.

People who own cats are generally accustomed to tolerating some amount
of extra chaos and destuction around the house.

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