[LMB] Clam Pie (OT: WAS: Pizza)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Fri Jun 14 09:27:49 BST 2019

Brian Ross Ashley advises/enquires that if I

 > mean to duplicate the Pizza Napoletana version,
 > it wants littlenecks. Do you have them over there?

No - nor do they have them in Naples - they're
a Pacific species. But generic cockles/clams,
including venerupis decussata ("vongola" in
Italy and "common carpet shell" or just
"cockle" here) should work from the recipes
I've studied - and I'm going to make a pie
with potatoes and short pastry, not a pizza pie,

Local fishmonger (20 km from house) are out
of them, so gastronomic adventure has had to be
postponed. It maddens me that I live 15 metres
from the water's edge [see Hillhead Cottage,
Calshot in Google maps] and there are only two
places within 30 km that have fresh local fish.

James - whose scallops are usually deep-frozen
Pacific ones from Costco 

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