[LMB] Would I want to be a Sorcerer?

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But once you've got a demon, it's "til death do you part" --
either you die in the process, or from a natural death, or
the demon is banished. I think the brothers Marten were very,
very foolish.



Don't forget, divorce IS possible. It needs a Bastard's Saint to do it. That's Ista's new career, remember. And in Penric's time, there's the Saint of Idau, that Des was so terrified of. Learned Tigney was once a sorcerer, but was stripped of his demon, I forget why.

(-: I've got a memory like a sieve. I can't remember whose demon 
Ista transferred to a different rider.

But in Tigney's case, the demon was sent back to its maker, and 
dissolved, which kind of touches on one of Bill's questions. 

To be honest, I'm not quite sure what the difference is between human 
and demon -- people also seem to lose their general identity upon death, 
IIRC, and become part of the greater whatever. But demons seem to 
really, really fear losing their individuality, and from PD, it sounds like 
Desdemona was terrified of being destroyed by the Bastard (especially 
via the Saint of Idau). Banishment of the demon equals death for the 
demon, I figured. 

(BTW, Tigney lost the demon because it ascended and went on a 
merry rampage for a year, iirc. They were captured, and the Saint
of Idau sent the demon back to the master while Desdemona
and Ruchia watched.) 


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