[LMB] Happy Birthday, Carol Botteron!

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Sat Jun 15 14:34:16 BST 2019

What a great day!  The conference was fascinating and the food was

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> Your day begins early, watching the sun rise over the mountains in
> Bonsanklar. Wreathed in radiant clouds, it's a resplendent sight.  Over an
> astonishingly abundant breakfast, Professora Vorthys and Duv Galeni compare
> notes on their experiences with historical research on Barrayar and
> Komarr.  The professora's so impressed, she volunteers him to join the
> panel she's moderating at the conference she's come for.
> Not wanting to miss any of the fun, you decide to sit in.  There's an
> ornate lecture hall filled to capacity with persons of every age and
> apparent [or no] gender, in an astonishing array of costumes of distinctly
> dubious historicity [for any planet].  As the panel is assuming their
> seats, Duv sees the banners and decorations.  The look on his face when he
> finds out he's joined a panel romance-writing conference--!  It's priceless.
> Actually, the discussion on research, different approaches, techniques,
> and resources is fascinating.  You're mightily amused by Duv's sheer horror
> when he's inundated by cooing fans afterwards.  The professora throws him a
> preserver, however, to his great relief.
> The afternoon passes in agreeable activities: walks on the esplanade,
> swims on the beach, well-shaded naps bathed by balmy breezes.
> Professor Vorthys joins you all for a sumptuous dinner, with many of your
> favorites.  He's the hit of the conference, as he's brought an elaborate
> cake made by Ma Kosti herself.  Actually, as the reason and inspiration for
> this marvelous cake, you're pretty popular yourself.  Everyone enjoys their
> cake and favorite beverage while watching fireworks as wondrous as Aral's
> memories of them.
> May your day be full of fun surprises!
> Jerrie

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