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Demons if yanked by the Bastard go to "Be not", which is apparently a place
of nothing but chaos.
Bad humans (eg Dondo dy Jironal) go there as well, apparently.

Yeah, but ... that's a special case.  The only cases of people going there that we know of (Dondo, Joen in Paladin of Souls) demons were involved.  In a death miracle, the death demon comes, and takes two souls away with it: the one who did the miracle and the one they called justice down on.  Martou dy Jironal was taken up by a God, though, so it's only the recipient of death justice who goes to the place of be-not.  And I suppose they're bad, but it's not like a Christian hell where all bad people are supposed to go there.  Most bad people get taken up by their gods.

What's her face in PoS only went because she wouldn't let go of her demon, so Ista couldn't unravel them, so Joen went with the demon when it was banished.

Those are the only two people we know go to the place of chaos that demons come from.  Everybody else gets taken up by the gods or becomes a ghost.  And which happens has nothing to do with how good or bad they were.

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