[LMB] Penric reread -- how do Des's powers compare with other canonical demons' ?

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Mon Jun 17 06:57:06 BST 2019


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 Could Desdemona do what Cattilara's un-named demon did? 

To recap, that demon under Catti's insistent demand pushed the VERY uphill
magic of animating a dead body, powering the result with the life force of
someone else, and trapping a soul, away from the god it desires and away
from that god's desire, in an un-living if familiar shell?  A chaotic result, and
no question.  But healing wounds -- or moving wounds from Arhys to Illvin and
back , on schedule yet -- seems to me a highly ordered process. 

Set aside animating a zombie ...  Can Des "share" life force from a
willing donor to a wounded recipient,  or perhaps divide two wounds,
the combination fatal, between two "victims",  each with the stamina
to recover from either one of the two injuries? 

Micki: I am pretty sure that later in the Penric novels, we see Des sharing Pen'slifeforce to save someone. The general? Somebody in a rock slide???I'll have to keep re-reading, lol. 


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