[LMB] OT: Stuff worth reading: Martha Wells and The Cloud Roads

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Tue Jun 18 10:31:52 BST 2019

Isn't she the author of the "Murderbot" series?  If so. I do recommend her.

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Although this listserver is, for obvious reasons, almost entirely about the
works of Lois Bujold, we do discuss other books here.  So I thought I would
mention Martha Wells' *The Cloud Roads*, which I came across in a Humble
Bundle recently.

It's worth mentioning because:

1)  Despite being heavily towards the fantasy side of the F/SF spectrum,
it's well-reasoned and internally consistent in ways we don't often see in
fantasy.  It reminds me of LMB's books in that sense, particularly the WGW
and the Five Gods World.

2)  Good characterization and plausible motivations.

3)  I found it to be quite entertaining, without its being a "page-turner",
which all too often is used to describe books that are to writing what
potato chips are to food - you find yourself compelled to eat more, but
there's little to no nutrition there.  This book was a tasty and satisfying
meal, which ultimately you want more of, but once you've finished digesting.

I rarely come across books and authors that are both good enough and
little-known enough for me to want to mention them, but this one crossed a
personal threshold.  Consider checking it out - the Bundle in question is
still good for some time, and you can get the first book in the series in
the $1 grouping.

Wells is good enough in my mind for me to go out looking for other things
she's written, and so you might find her worth looking at too.
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