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>  I see no reason why demons can't kill hosts
> directly whatever their experience ...

I found the passage that I was probably thinking of -- after Penric borrows Ruchia's book, Desdemona says how tedious her writing it was, and says "We threatened to throw her off a bridge, once, if she would not finish it up and be done." Penric asks "Could you have?"  "No," sighed Desdemona.  "Not her.  Neither from a bridge nor from our being."  So, it's ambiguous whether she really means she _could_ not have or just would not have.  And of course, the Author could have a Better Idea later, anyway.

It's a few pages later where Desdemona talks about it being possible to kill a person by magic, but only once, because "Death opens a door to the gods, through which they can, for a moment, reach into the world directly.  The demon would be naked and helpless before our Master, and be plucked out like an eyball before the sorcerer could take a breath.  And be delivered to the Bastard's hell, and its utter destruction."

Micki: Interesting! 

So, I can see a possibility of the demon deciding to kill as part of the Gods' will, 
and being allowed to jump to safety. 

We call an extraordinary act of charity being "selfless" -- for example, giving
one's life. Demons seem to be petulant and very protective of their 
self-hood. Can they learn to be selfless with the right riders? Can they
learn to be selfless despite the wrong riders? 


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