[LMB] Happy Birthday, Howard Brazee!

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Thu Jun 20 04:03:12 BST 2019

For your special day, you're going on an architectural tour of Vorbarr Sultana with Professor Vorthys.  

You begin with a tour of the old city, where you find out all about various styles of walls, their construction, and advantages and disadvantages of each.  Over the course of the day, He tells you all you ever wanted to know [and a good deal more] about the materials buildings are constructed of, and how they came to survive various historical misadventures and natural disasters--or not.  You shudder with delight at the truly hideous municipal stadium and thrill at the restrained elegance of the Imperial Residence.  It's an amazingly harmonious blend of a variety of styles over many centuries.  

You next tour the Caravanserai, the most astonishing mixture of old and new buildings, new construction and decaying ruins cheek by jowl.  The shop you stop at for your mid-day snack is all modern, however; the Professor knows the best places.  There are seats in the shade by a fountain of bafflingly intricate design.

You finish your day with a cruise up the river.  From afar, you glimpse the waterfalls and rapids that impede further upriver navigation and the dam with locks below.  Just below the locks is the famous Star Bridge, subject of so many stories and songs.  You can see Vorbretten House among others, & the Professor tells you all about that as well, over an excellent dinner.  Fireworks over the river are made even better by the most excellent of desserts [trust the Professor for that!].

May your day be full of all sorts of fun: fun foods, fun people, and fun things to do and enjoy.


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