[LMB] Fwd: Re: Penric reread

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 00:02:24 BST 2019

Octopi are so alien it's not clear to me that a demon would gain any
advantage from being experienced.  The actual motor control is distributed
across nerve clusters in the tentacles, with the central brain only seeming
to issue general goals.  So an octopus doesn't keep track of where its body
is, as humans do with proprioception, because the control center doesn't
know what the body will be doing.

Meanwhile the functions that ARE centrally located are in a torus through
which the digestive system passes.  It's thought to be organized in a very,
very different way than creatures with a simple bilateral symmetry.

Plus, while octopi and birds are often smarter than they're given credit
for, they achieve this partly by being extremely efficient.  In some
species of birds, they develop special neural structures to produce the
correct birdcall when mating season arrives, then discard them when it ends
- the discovery of which shattered the idea that brains in all higher
organisms couldn't regrow neurons.  But the point is that they have no
margin - I don't know that a demon would have much storage space to exist
in, and would probably be broken back to the initial stage of their entry
into our world, only one step away from true erasure.

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