[LMB] The souls of demons

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Fri Jun 21 02:09:54 BST 2019

On 6/20/2019 5:25 PM, Tony Zbaraschuk wrote:
> Desdemona can't be the only long-lived demon ever to have existed.  Do
> such demons inevitably grow beyond control and become a threat to all
> human souls?  Do some of them_learn_  to be souls of their own and return
> to their god, becoming part of them in the way that humans might?  We
> don't seem to see or hear very much of that -- but one gets the impression
> that demons with as much life and history as Desdemona does are rare.

I think that the 5GU gods may have started out as demons. It appears to 
me that each god absorbs the souls. The type of souls they each take 
defines their personalities, perhaps.

I think that it might depend on the demon and on the other gods, but I 
at some point I think a demon becomes too powerful for a human to 
"ride". Like Wencel, she would immediately take over by sheer force of 
personality unless she carefully tiptoed. That powerful demon might get 
tired of such carefulness and decide to leave the world on her own 
terms. Maybe joining with one of the Five like a human does or maybe 
forming a Sixth.

There could be several other gods out there, smaller than the Five. 
After all the Quadrenes only acknowledge Four and the Bastard does well 
enough without them.

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