[LMB] Penric reread, the very beginning

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I'm wondering if Penric's family passed Learned Ruchia's party on their way into town? Ruchia had insisted on taking a different route  to Mertensbridge this trip. Was this all her own cantankerousness, or did the Dratsab give her a shove? Was he thinking of trying a new way of shifting a demon to a new host."Lets see what happens!" No one else in Penric's family would have been as interesting a new host, so she didn't have her heart attack until they'd passed on?

I feel like Penric, from the beginning, was chosen by the Bastard
(or by the Gods in general). Maybe because he's such an 
obliging young man. And Desdemona seems to be very 
easily swayed by a pretty face, so there's that. 

I think Ruchia's heart disease was just a fact. She was out of time,
and the clock was ticking. She was going to die before she reached her
destination. What delays and devices the Gods employed to make sure
she didn't reach her destination, I don't know. She and her demon may
have been stubborn enough to thwart plans, and maybe Penric was 
Plan B. But maybe he was Plan A all along. Ineffable, that bit of plotting.

The Marten brothers seem to think the demon is going to jump to the 
"strongest" when the rider dies, but there are all sorts of measures of a 

I think the Gods have other plans for Penric's mother and brother. And for 
whatever reasons, the other members of the party were not "the strongest"
for Ruchia's demon. 

I think strong demons like Desdemona prefer (almost need to) jump to
people with more brain power (or even empty space in their brains). 
They are bringing along SO much stuff, that jumping to a lesser or more 
crowded brain means that something is going to get lost. Either the rider 
won't be able to function well, or the demon loses bits of hard-won 
personality. Lost forever? Or lost until the demon gets a host with 
enough brain-space again? 

Tangent of a tangent: I often look at my cat, and marvel that such a tiny
little brain is capable of so much personality and so many wiles. So, the 
brain space argument may be largely moot in normal humans. 


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