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This post reminds me of some of what we do around here.


That post . . . and Jo's poem in the comments. What I need to hear this month! 

I was just thinking about systems this morning. I'm not extremely 
depressed, but I think I suffer from a low-grade depression that keeps
me from fulfilling my potential. Some mornings, having a system in 
place keeps me plodding one step at a time forward. "OK, I'm tired, 
but I need to make up some tea to take to work. X, Y, Z, OK, tea is done."

I don't know where I'd be without my support systems. I do what I can 
for the family (grocery shopping, making supper). My MIL takes care 
of my FIL (bathing, taking him for walks) as well as her gardening
(less grocery shopping for me if we've got cukes and peppers). My 
husband takes care of the family business, and keeps that running. 

I think we've all got problems, but we step in to fill in the sad spots.

If we all wind up with a crappy day at the same time, the whole 
thing may come crashing down. But no . . . I think it'd take a crappy
month for all of us. 

Expand that support system out -- all the thousands of people out there,
building our cars, driving the truck that takes the groceries to the store, 
the farmers, the health care workers, the bureaucrats who keep the 
standards in place so we can trust our food, our homes and our cars . . . .

Really amazing. We need each other. 


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