[LMB] Happy Birthday, Sharon Micenko!

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Thu Jun 27 04:02:33 BST 2019

Due to your worlds-renowned expertise, you've been called upon to advise a historical reenactment group about costumes, dances, & etiquette for a fancy-dress ball.  What makes this request so unusual is that the group consists of galactics.  Barrayaran entrepreneurs are quick to capitalize on the interest their planet has generated around the galaxy.  This consortium has retained you as their liaison to the galactics.  And a good thing, too.  *Some*one has to explain to that herm that, however flattering, its body glitter/sarong ensemble just will not do for this particular occasion.

Everyone is good-natured, eager to participate in an authentic Barrayaran experience.  Your students work diligently, and you even reach a satisfactory compromise between comfort and certain foundation garments.  Culinary curiosity is a powerful motivator.  It's astonishing how much more attentive everyone got, after Kosti Katering produced those sample platters.  You even remember to warn the more noise-averse about the probability of fireworks and procure some noise-reduction earplugs.

The evening is a rousing success.  The music is pleasing, your students are graceful, and your employers delighted.  Everyone has the loveliest of times, savoring tasty treats and enjoying the fireworks together.

May your day be full of inspiration and good company.


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