[LMB] Happy Birthday, Nancy Barber!

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Thu Jun 27 04:16:06 BST 2019

Countess Vorkosigan has invited you to accompany her on a trip to the country, to collect rocks for another park she's designing.  She'd also like you to examine certain areas of the district, to confirm results her experts had obtained, on water flows.  

That's the official excuse, anyway.  Actually, she's found your company so congenial, she's creating an opportunity to spend quiet time in beautiful places with someone as soft-spoken as herself.  Pym drives the flyer, and no one's more self-effacing than he.  

As the two of you stroll beside waters flowing over and around a variety of rocks, you're able to give her practical tips on the shape and composition of rock and water to get the sound and effects she's trying to create.  Unexpected assistance in rock selection comes from your cats (who came along--of course they did; they're cats), who are to be found sunning themselves on the best rocks, and who vehemently disapprove of being removed therefrom.

It's a satisfyingly productive morning, followed by a picnic in a lovely mountain meadow.  As you admire the astonishing treats provided by Ma Kosti, Ekaterin tells you about the surrounding plants, and you tell her about gardens you've known.  It's a quiet, but refreshing time together, with good company and the very best of food.  (Poor Pym's not as happy, since the cats have found him, but that's fun, too.)

May your day be full of the things you enjoy most.


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