[LMB] Penric reread, the very beginning

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Indeed.  Penric's missionary efforts to the sorceror on behalf of his demon are, I think, the most significant event for the 5G world in all of the Penric stories.

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Penric is different from most of the people in his world. He is unfailingly kind and always wants to help.

This brings up a question. Penric is highly regarded, at least in scholarly circles, and has one of the oldest.

You’d think the practice of naming demons associated with sorcerers would have caught on as part of “Care and training of Demons”.

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> Reading previous posts, I have been suppressing the comment, "if this
> is a Penric reread, why are all the posts about Desdemona and her
> ilk?"

It's a good question.

I think it is because Desdemona is alien to us and a more interesting
character. She's made out of chaos and copies of 12 people (and a mare,
and a lioness). Penric is interesting too, but he's much more like
everyone else.

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