[LMB] Happy Birthday, nikohl nikohl!

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Sun Jun 30 12:15:30 BST 2019

For your special day, you're going on a tour of Graf Station with Bel.  Due to some careful planning, you arrive well-rested and can start right away.  Bel shows you around the port, & tells you all about security arrangements, especially recent innovations.  It still looks older than it should, but much improved, due to some supplementary treatments refined on Escobar by Lord Mark's Durona associates.  (Miles was especially pleased and proud about that.)

After Ekaterin's ecstatic [and cogent] description, you've been looking forward to the hydroponic gardens, so you go there first.  You notice they're remarkably well-designed, with plenty of areas for children to float and play, among different display and growth areas.  All the quaddie kids buzzing around are adorable.  Is it a school field trip?  No, it's young work crews, going about age-appropriate tasks with an excess of energy.  Fortunately, your dodge and antigravity skills [and sense of humor] are up to the challenge.

En leisurely route to dinner, you detour by the observation sphere, for long moments of wonder, over, under, around, beyond--*all* the prepositions!

Over dinner at the restaurant Ekaterin had enthused about, you are similarly delighted, by both the food and the company.  Nicol and Bel sparkle with happiness, and the wit [and wine, should you incline that way] flow.  After dinner, there's an evening performance of the Minchenko ballet.  Despite the lack of Barrayaran fireworks [what *are* they thinking, down there?], there's no lack of color, pageantry, or excitement.

May your day be full of joys, and joy.


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