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Sun Jun 30 13:49:39 BST 2019

M. Haller Yamada

>People are talking about that guy on Twitter! I think it's so much fun; 
>not that *I* want be constrained in Regency fashions, but I love that
>he's doing it, and making clothes for other people.


It's kinda striking how the genre (Regency romance) has lasted so much
longer than the setting.   I wonder if this generalizes?  Knights of 
the Round Table, Pirates of the Carribean,  "Gothic" ghost stories ...

Hmm.  The " 60's" and the "Summer of Love".  Though it persists
more in music than in long fiction.  The political narratives constructed
around an undeclared war of that same period -- and the disputes and
accusations against personalities of the period even today.  The
actress-activist; the veteran-senator, the advisor-Nobelist ...  Ideas
outlast their origins.  

ObBujold,  Her Ladyship has remarked upon the imbalance between
the histories and tales published of the "Steamboat" era of "Life on
the Mississippi"  compared to the short era just before. ( Retold in the
WGW novels) It's somewhat surprising to me that -aside from "Riverboat
Gamblers" appearing in genre "Westerns" - the US River travel era
doesn't have a bunch of romances and mysteries and SF-nal alt
historicals.    I suppose because the antebellum South either
gets lumped into US-Regency stuff or "Civil War" stuff.  Oh well. 

While I love the Penric stuff unreservedly, a few more WGW short
tales would be equally welcome. 

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