[LMB] Birthday tixie on the job!

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 05:45:47 BST 2019

Coming running in (it's been a hectic sort of day) the Birthday Tixie
stops, catches his breath and announces:

Today, September 1, is the birthday of our fellow listies Gordon Jackson
and Suey.  In honor of your birthdays, you will both be allowed to take a
tour of the Barrayaran Imperial Military Academy as the new intake of
cadets begins.  You will see the classrooms, get a look at the dormitories,
eat in the mess hall, and see everything that's open to non-Barrayaran
visitors.  On your tour, you will be guided by representatives of Impsec,
who are under orders to answer your questions honestly unless the answers
would compromise Barrayaran security.  Then, afterward, you will be guests
for a late-evening dinner at the Vorkosigans' residence in Vorbarr Sultana,
cooked by Ma Kosti with Count Miles as your host.  The Countess sends
regrets, but she's up to her neck in a project and cannot come.  You will
get to meet the sweet, well-behaved, obedient Vorkosigan children, and note
how strongly they resemble their parents.

After that, you will be allowed to view the fireworks display in honor of
the new school year at the Academy from the roof of Vorkosigan House.  Have
a happy birthday!

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