[LMB] Tixie returns

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 02:39:12 BST 2019

The Birthday Tixie comes in, wearing what was once a very nice suit in the
latest galactic style, with a bottle of maple-jack (made by taking maple
mead and freezing it, and throwing the ice away; aged, it's very nice and
will sneak up on you) and announces:

Today, September 4, is the birthday of Phil Boswell and Hazel Wenrich.  For
your birthday celebrations, you are invited to a party hosted by Lady Alys
Vorpatril.  Ges Vorrutyer offered to do the hosting duties, but Lady Alys
shut that idea down with one quick Glare of Doom---apparently his ideas of
what make a good party do not suit younger honorees.  At the party, you
will be serenaded by a string quartet drawn from the Vorbarr Sultana
Imperial Orchestra, and served an authentically Barrayaran meal (sans
alcohol).  Afterward, Lady Ekaterin Vorkosigan will show you around her
all-Barrayaran garden, making sure that you avoid the more dangerous
plants.  (She had some interesting ideas after watching* Little Shop of
Horrors,* but her husband, father-in-law and Emperor put their feet down
forcibly on that.)

Someone yells the Tixie's name.  He calls back "I'm coming!  Don't let the
party go on without me!" and runs back to see what new excesses the town
clowns are up to.

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