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Ah, but Aral *isn't* willing to upend the status quo so completely.  Dag
openly defied custom, Aral spent most of his life deferring to it.

There's a certain degree of thematic recurrence - especially the older,
experienced man (once married) who has a relationship with a competent but
inexperienced woman.  But while threads reappear, they're not woven
together in the same way.  It's trite to say that corresponding characters
aren't the same, but it's more than true in these cases.  Even when a pair
tries similar strategies in their respective worlds, the results are often
completely different.  Cordelia superficially goes native but subverts the
society she's in.  Fawn desperately tries to enter Lakewalker society but
is rebuffed.  There's no Miles equivalent.  There's no Ivan.  No Lady
Alys.  Thankfully there is no Bothari; nor is there an Elena, although
certain parallels between that character and Berry exist.  (Elena's tragedy
is much more soul-scarring than Berry's, although both involve much grief
and loss.)

This is a much better state of affairs than with authors who keep writing
the same characters with different names.

Matt "I'm looking at you, Robert Jordan" G.

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