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Fri Sep 6 00:53:33 BST 2019

On 9/5/2019 7:20 PM, Matthew George wrote:
> Fawn desperately tries to enter Lakewalker society but
> is rebuffed.

I wouldn't say that, exactly. While she was rebuffed in Dag's home camp 
thanks to his mother and brother and their clique, she does win over 
many Lakewalkers not influenced directly by those nasty <bleeps> She 
seriously manages to subvert the way that a highly respected bunch of 
healers think of farmer girls [and with her brother farmer boys.] She 
gets them comprehending how the backflow between Lakewalkers prevents 
the unhealthy bond by forming a mutual ground pool. She is directly the 
cause of the invention of the nut-shield [and understanding how it 
protects, and constrains when contracted] and she and Dag directly start 
a Lakewalker/Farmer understanding of Lakewalker healing, and the younger 
set work on getting Farmer aid in hunting malices, and also farmers 
starting to understand malices and how Lakewalkers work in the grand 
scheme of things.

She was pretty dang subversive =)

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