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On 9/9/2019 5:44 PM, Pat Mathews wrote:
> Yes! COngratulations! And if you're in flat dry country, it's probably also windy - you could probably do with putting up a windmill. And a water tank painted black with a gravity feed for hot water without going on the grid. Oh, I wish you all the luck in the world.
> Uh, there IS water on your property, isn't there? And the occasional storm to fill your rain barrels.
> _

There is a good steady breeze coming east off the sierras, and great 
average insolation. And yes there is water - there is already a wellhead 
onsite =) I am making plans to go and get an official surveyor to mark 
the borders so I can post signage, and figure out the plat layout so we 
can plan the utilities.

We know definitely we are planting a total of 8 American Chestnuts on 
the border of a 300 feet x 300 feet acre that will have the 2 mobile 
homes and gazebo for the 4 of us to live in, and working our way to at 
least 1 acre of solar panels, the water tower will be gravity feed for 
our water source boosted by a pump for good water pressure [roughly 1000 
gallons, filtered on the way in to reduce silt issues] and we will also 
be planting a small garden to start with, at least 2 bee skeps and a 
poultry yard for the 6 hens we will be using for bug control and egg 
production [and fun of watching scamper around] and a small orchard with 
a minor selection of trees and bushes.

We are hoping another of the 5 acre plots comes up for auction that 
border our plot - $9000 for 5 acres is an amazing price =) We want to 
effectively produce solar energy for profit back from the local energy 
co-op as an income source for Rob to be able to quit his day job, 
combined with his military retirement pay and a couple other small 
sources of money coming in, and owning the properties outright makes 
living without an outside income source easier. WE want a total of 3 of 
the 5 acre plots, one to be totally devoted to solar with a possibility 
of a small windmill for overnight, but the structures will all end up 
with something like the Tesla battery wall [or whatever they call it] to 
condition the power from the solar and wind.

One thing I want to do in retirement is have a medieval style cooking 
hearth and oven so I can do short youtube videos of various recipes, 
food history is one of our major interests =) I also need the adirondack 
shelters because as antisocial as I am, I do like planned weekends of 
visits with lots of food and people and hanging out - it would be fun to 
have the small Lakewalker camp of a dozen shelters, a central firepit 
and a mess hall/kitchen pavilion to do the equivalend of small SCA feasts

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