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Tue Sep 10 23:31:16 BST 2019

On 9/10/2019 5:14 PM, anmar Caver wrote:
> I get twitchy when I am not in nature, and while I can visit cities, I am
> glad to leave them.
> The new house I am building has awesome sunsets when the leaves are off the
> trees. With a flat roof, I end up sleeping under a brilliant night sky a
> lot up on the roof, and I make a point to pause the day on clear days and
> watch the sunset. Winter solstice sun shines right through the living room
> and out the other side.
> Aruvqan's new place looks awesome.
one thing we are planning is a huge Adirondack resort [you know, stone, 
logs and a fireplace] picnic/hang out pavilion with screens to keep the 
bugs away. Sort of like : 

See, Rob has a sister with 6 kids, one married, 2 of the right age for 
getting serious and 3 new ones under the age of 5 [and she is freaking 
50 ... I can't imagine where she gets the energy to keep up with them 
@_@] a brother the right age to get serious, and his Mom, so we are 
potentially looking at seating 16 or so for any given major holiday, not 
counting any other random drop ins [we do keep a sort of welcoming house 
when we can manage] Phlip is a member of ABANA [some sort of 
blacksmithing group] so any given weekend we might have people banging 
away at her forge, and we are avid SCAdians, so we could have random 
drop ins of that sort as well. Given fennish proclivities for all 4 of 
us, we need to be bale to have any number of people hanging out, no 
matter the normal isolated condition is.

It has been a semiserious joke between Rob and I that if we won one of 
the huge power ball sort of lotteries, we should just give up and buy a 
retired facility that could have several hundred studio rooms, a chow 
hall, a library and a movie theater and get the business plan and 
licensing in place to become a fennish/SCA retirement home ... *sigh*

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